All of our representatives are degreed individuals
from diverse backgrounds with hand-on operation
experience of biological treatment processes.

Our Treatability Lab is one of our many tools used to predict
and troubleshoot problems for multiple industrial waste streams.

We don’t just sell products, but turn key Product Programs
that link our products to regular laboratory testing and technical
assistance together to keep biological treatment systems fully optimized.

Anaerobic Treatment

Oxidation Reduction Potential on Anaerobic System

Oxidation Reduction Potential on Anaerobic System - Chart 1Food and beverage companies routinely deal with production Clean In Place situation where excess cleaners come down to the treatment facility.  These cleaners are designed to kill bacteria in a number of ways in the process, but if too much is added, can also be detrim

Tannins in Anaerobic Treament

Tannins in Anaerobic TreamentTannins can be a challenge to treat in waste water anaerobically. They are one of nature’s natural chelating (metal grabbing) substances, and tend to try to bind to a number of other things in a waste stream, such as protein in breweries or ferric ions, for example. Some of the common operational problems we have seen include:

The REAL COD Removal by a Methanator

Methanators perform their best when the COD removal is consistently above 95%.  This not only reduces many of the organic acids, including acetic, but keeps the bugs in the reactor.  The difference between Methanators that run 90% removal and 95% removal is much more than just 5%.  Buried in that 5% is the difference between growing bugs and buying bugs. 

Met Source AN Case Study


The client’s high rate anaerobic treatment process was failing to hold granular sludge, and had efficiency and operational problems, including low process stability. Higher organic loadings created larger VFA’s in the system effluent. High VFA's loaded the aerobic system. A cost effective solution was desired. River Bend Lab, with their biological expertise, was asked to investigate the problem and provide a solution.

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Case Study Spotlight

Plastic Media Biofilter
River Bend Labs offered their Thiobacillus Complete mix, which contains a blend of both N:P:K nutrients and proper trace nutrients in a bioavailable form to optimize growth and removal of H2S.
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