All of our representatives are degreed individuals
from diverse backgrounds with hand-on operation
experience of biological treatment processes.

Our Treatability Lab is one of our many tools used to predict
and troubleshoot problems for multiple industrial waste streams.

We don’t just sell products, but turn key Product Programs
that link our products to regular laboratory testing and technical
assistance together to keep biological treatment systems fully optimized.

Filamentous Bacteria


FILABUSTER is a microbiologically active material that has been identified and then isolated from a naturally occurring source. When it is introduced into a wastewater environment it will immediately be hydrolyzed by water and will subsequently release biologically active compounds that capture biological growth factors from the wastewater and deliver them selectively to floc forming heterotrophic bacteria and block their uptake by filamentous bacteria. In addition, FILABUSTER as it dissolves in wastewater, liberates macromolecules that are inhibitory to filamentous bacteria.

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Met Source FC provides microbiologically available essential trace elements in a soluble form that can be utilized by bacteria to carry out metal mediated enzymatic reactions by supplying the indigenous bacterial population with essential trace metals for efficient anabolic growth. Met Source FC supplies key metals needed to activate enzymes that bring about increased organics metabolism and thus reduce potential waste stream toxicity. Met Source FC reduces the likelihood of unwanted filamentous bacteria blooms via the increase of trace elements needed by heterotrophic bacteria and reduces the excessive secretions of extra cellular polysaccharide by mixed liquor microorganisms when soluble, bioavailable trace elements are deficient.

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Case Study Spotlight

Brewery Case Study
A Brewery was having difficulty maintaining sludge bed in their granular anaerobic reactor.
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