All of our representatives are degreed individuals
from diverse backgrounds with hand-on operation
experience of biological treatment processes.

Our Treatability Lab is one of our many tools used to predict
and troubleshoot problems for multiple industrial waste streams.

We don’t just sell products, but turn key Product Programs
that link our products to regular laboratory testing and technical
assistance together to keep biological treatment systems fully optimized.

Ground Water Remediation

Bacteria are pretty good at figuring out a way to eat anything we throw at them; as long as what you give at them is part of a balanced meal. Ground water remediation sites are left with the task of removing one specific compound such as selenium or perchlorate, but have none of the other components needed to sustain biological life. In a simplified view; a carbon source, nutrient source, and the right amount of oxygen are all essential to keeping a reactor healthy and performing well. Where we help the most is by providing the right mix of micronutrients so they have a healthy environment. Macronutrients such as nitrogen a phosphorous always make the list. Micronutrients such as Molybdenum, Zinc, and Copper are often overlooked.

Case Study Spotlight

Plastic Media Biofilter
River Bend Labs offered their Thiobacillus Complete mix, which contains a blend of both N:P:K nutrients and proper trace nutrients in a bioavailable form to optimize growth and removal of H2S.
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