All of our representatives are degreed individuals
from diverse backgrounds with hand-on operation
experience of biological treatment processes.

Our Treatability Lab is one of our many tools used to predict
and troubleshoot problems for multiple industrial waste streams.

We don’t just sell products, but turn key Product Programs
that link our products to regular laboratory testing and technical
assistance together to keep biological treatment systems fully optimized.



Metsource-FC is a bioavailable concentrated trace element complex, designed to specifically deliver essential trace nutrients to a biological processes bacteria, or microlife.  These elements are critical for optimized operation of an aaerobic system and to select for hetertrophic (good) bacterial growth over filament growth.


  • Maximize Oxygen uptake rates and optimize O2 usage in the aeration system
  • Increase COD/BOD removal per lb of bacteria in the system.
  • Gear environment to select for good bacteria and not filaments
  • Includes regular sampling/testing for Micronutrients, Filaments and Extracellular Polysaccharides


  • Industrial Activated Sludge systems that have filaments due to low micronutrients.

Metsource-FC: System Micros

Metsource Metsource

Metsource-FC Cut Sheet

Case Study Spotlight

Midwest Brewer Struggled With High VFA
Metsource-AN, River Bend Labs proprietary bioavailable trace metal concentrate, was put online August 21st, 2006, and immediately the VFA’s began to drop.
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