All of our representatives are degreed individuals
from diverse backgrounds with hand-on operation
experience of biological treatment processes.

Our Treatability Lab is one of our many tools used to predict
and troubleshoot problems for multiple industrial waste streams.

We don’t just sell products, but turn key Product Programs
that link our products to regular laboratory testing and technical
assistance together to keep biological treatment systems fully optimized.



NITRALOC is a modified mineral material that due to the exchange of cations from a higher charge to a lower cationic charge, selectively remove ammonium from wastewater. Additionally, the porous nature of NITRALOC makes it an excellent biological carrier for high-density colonization by nitrifying bacteria.

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NITRO ENHANCE is a biological growth formulation consisting of a blend of biotin, molybdate, DCS and additional microbiologically important vitamins, amino acids and biological co-factors that stimulate the growth of and provide necessary anabolic building blocks for the rapid population increase of nitrifying bacteria in a wastewater environment.

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LNC is a concentrated liquid blend of the nitrifying strains Nitrosomonas and Nitrobacter.

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Case Study Spotlight

Brewery Case Study
A Brewery was having difficulty maintaining sludge bed in their granular anaerobic reactor.
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