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Oxidation Reduction Potential on Anaerobic System

Oxidation Reduction Potential on Anaerobic System - Chart 1Food and beverage companies routinely deal with production Clean In Place situation where excess cleaners come down to the treatment facility.  These cleaners are designed to kill bacteria in a number of ways in the process, but if too much is added, can also be detrimental to the biology at waste treatment. The chart to the left shows the various points where ORP should be for certain reactions.  Oxidative chemicals like bleach and peracetic acid can raise the ORP and shut down certain biological reactions and even kill the biology.

In an anaerobic system, if the ORP gets too high the methanogens will shut down methane production leaving only CO2 Production for the Acetogens. This can cause high VFAs on the effluent, and loss of biogas; if not death of critical biology for the process in worst cases.

Below is a graph of a beverage client that had a spike of bleach come through during the day.  The ORP in the EQ shot up from normal 100 mV, and then entered the mix tank with the reactor effluent (recycle).  The mix caused increasing ORP on the effective feed to the reactor.  The biogas generation dropped off immediately when the threshold conditions on the biology for ORP was surpassed.

Oxidation Reduction Potential on Anaerobic System - Chart 2

Best Practice

Control of CIP waste and good production/waste water communication is key.  River Bend Labs recommends installing an inline ORP meter and feeding our Chloraway product to trim drop ORP on influent for any situations that can’t be normally controlled.


Case Study Spotlight

Refinery Case Study
A northern California refinery was on the road to slowing down increased production of refined oil products due to the build up of TKN laden wastewater.
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